Your Welfare -
Just Family 2019

First Aid

First Aid provision on site throughout the entire festival, day and night. In an emergency, please tell one of the festival team who will radio for any medical assistance required.


There are portaloos and park flushable toilets. There toilets situated all around the festival site and are easily accessible to wherever you might be.

Information Tent

The Information Tent is in Te Manawanui.  Any questions at all, please come and see us and we will help as best we can.

Lost Children

All lost children will be brought by members of our Team directly to the Information Tent where they will be safely cared for until your arrival at the tent to collect them.

Children are the responsibility of the parents/carers at all times during the festival.

Under 2's

If your little ones are under the age of 2 by the time of the festival, they will have free access. At the Lullaby area of the festival, you will find a baby-changing tent with a supply of mats, nappies, and wipes for you to use.

Food & Drink

There will be a dazzling array of food and drink providers in Te Manawanui providing tasty meals, snacks, drinks.

Feel free to BYO – however, this is a festival that is all about family and festival-goers must act in an orderly manner. Excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. Security and the Team may evict any persons that are behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Cooking & Fires

We adore campfires, however we need to restrict them to the main campfire area in the Fire Garden.

Please DO NOT set up individual fires at any time on the festival site or in the camping areas.

No pets or dogs allowed on site.

Gas BBQ’S are permitted in the camping areas.

Accessible Parking and Camping

If you have mobility issues, we have an area of accessible parking and camping. Please let us know, via email, in advance of the festival and we can arrange to make an easier experience for you –

Accessibility in other areas

Our ethos is to try to be as accessible as possible to all. When the timetabled programme is released online, we will also provide clear information and guidelines as to what performances and workshops are about so families themselves can pick what will best suit them as individuals. For example, for those on the autistic spectrum who may need quiet time away from sensory overload, items will be highlighted as “Calm Space’’, which means it will be a gentle activity or area away from any overwhelming festivities; Activities that are particularly loud and visual, or participatory, will be highlighted, plus other guidelines.


For those that would like the extra luxury of having a majestic tent ready and waiting for you upon your arrival, please see the link for our gorgeous glamping company, Taylor & Bell Tents.For more information see the Glamping website

Contact Us

If you have any queries about your tickets, contact iTICKET on 0508 iTICKET (484-253), visit their website for Frequently Asked Questions at, or send an email to If you need any other information, please email We are on Facebook and Instagram and would love to meet you there!